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  1. who we are
    The Minnesota Second Chance Coalition (SCC) is an unincorporated coalition of diverse community-based organizations and individuals advocating for fair and responsible laws, policies, and practices that allow those who have committed crimes to redeem themselves, fully support themselves and their families, and contribute to their communities to their full potential.

    what we do
    Coalition members are involved in some or all of the following activities: Second Chance Day on the Hill (planning, organizing, and coordination of all event activities); policy research and public education; lobbying, advocacy, and community organizing; and ongoing communications to member agencies, policymakers, and the public via website, listserv, and social media. Coalition members are frequently called upon to speak at events, educate policymakers, and provide information and commentary to local and national media outlets. Since its recent inception, the Minnesota Second Chance Coalition and its member organizations have effected significant policy change while increasing awareness and visibility of second chance issues on a local and national level. Some highlights include:

    Groundbreaking Policy Change – Minnesota is now the first state to require all public employers to wait until someone has been selected for a job interview before inquiring about criminal records (“Ban the Box” bill). Minnesota employers can feel more comfortable hiring persons with certain types of criminal records due to the limitation (and clarification) of liability concerns in the recently passed Safe Hiring Act. The Higher Education Notice Act provides postsecondary students in Minnesota with notification and an increased awareness of the possible impact of criminal records on future employment.

    Strength in Numbers – The 2009 Second Chance Day on the Hill mobilized hundreds of concerned individuals and was one of the largest events at the Capitol this year. By focusing organizing efforts on affected individuals, the Coalition gives voice to and positively engages community members throughout the state to both determine and advocate for smart policy reform. Having rapidly grown to 36 organizations and dozens of active individuals, the Coalition has become a powerful model in bringing organizations willing to pool their time, talent, and resources together while driving mission-based change.

  2. Laurie Lund says:

    I am so pleased to have found a new source of hope for my future. As it sits now a MN statute prevents me from working directly with people when I graduate this year with a B.S. in Criminal Justice. As a former inmate at Shakopee womens prison I thought I could be released and contribute to society when released. Now I find the state blocking me from helping other people. I am a great student, sober and crime free for 14 years and still I am not good enough for the state of Minnesota and their laws designed to keep ex-cons out of meaningful employment. I am frustrated but I will not give up!

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