Oppose SF1535: Drug Testing Applicants for GA/MFIP

February 12, 2012

Oppose SF1535: Drug Testing Applicants for GA/MFIP
“legislation that wastes taxpayer money and government time”

SF1535 will require Drug Testing Applicants for the Minnesota Family Investment Program and General Assistance
Hearing Scheduled for Tuesday, February 14th @ 10:30 AM in Room 15 Capitol

SF 1535 allows the Department of Human Services to screen GA and MFIP applicants and recipients for illegal substances if the applicant or recipient has two of the following:

• an arrest record
• child protection receives a report alleging abuse or neglect due to parental substance abuse
• DHS witnesses a behavior indicating illegal use of controlled substances (the bill lists 13 behaviors, such as “dilated pupils,” “nausea,” and “odor of alcohol”

If illegal substance abuse is found, the individual will lose their assistance (after an administrative hearing) and be prohibited from receiving assistance for 3 years. Additionally, the individual will be referred to a treatment program. However, the program costs will not be covered. If an MFIP recipient tests positive for illegal substance abuse and the recipient has minor children, the children will continue to be eligible for MFIP. However, the MFIP payment will be “received by a protective payee.”

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